Test Your Apache Server Knowledge

1) What does the following set of Directives do? AddType application/x-httpd-php3 .php3.
a) Adds all files with the extension .php3 to the MIME Type application/x-httpd-php3.
b) Creates a new user defined type that can be used subsequently in variable declarations.
c) Makes it easier to load new definitions into the configuration files.
d) Installed the php3 software onto the system.

2) What does the HostNameLookups double do?
a) Makes Apache perform 2 forward name lookups from different DNS servers to confirm the host name prior to logging.
b) Performs a host name lookup in the double file prior to logging the result.
c) Performs both a reverse name lookup and then a forward name lookup on that result, prior to logging the result.
d) Sets the hostname to double for all host names logged.

3) On a Microsoft Windows server the MaxSpareServers sets the number of idle child server processes that are allowed before the parent process begins to kill off the idle child processes. True or False?
a) True
b) False

4) What does the -v option do during startup?
a) Starts Apache in verbose mode with maximum logging.
b) Has no impact on Apache and has been discontinued as of Apache 1.2.6.
c) Displays the version of Apache and the build date and exits.
d) Disables virtual hosting for the specified virtual host name(s).

5) What does the mod_dir Module provide?
a) It provides a basic file directory searching capability for Apache to resolve spelling mismatches.
b) It provides trailing slash "/" redirects and serving diectory index files.
c) It allows remote synchoronizaiton for tools such as Microsoft Frontpage.
d) It has been discontunued as of Apache 1.2 and is no longer used.

6) What action(s) must be done to enable cookies within Apache?
a) Only installing the mon_usertrack.
b) Installing mod_cookies.
c) Installing mon_usertrack and setting the Directive cookietracking on.
d) Only setting the Directive cookietracking on.

7) What option in the IndexOptions Directive is only available after Apache 1.3.10?
a) FancyIndexing
b) IconHeight
c) NameWidth
d) FoldersFirst

8) What Module is CacheSize used with?
a) mod_proxy
b) mod_ssl
c) mod_usertrack
d) mod_alias

9) What does the SendBufferSize Directive do?
a) Sets the internal IPC buffer settings to the specified amount.
b) Sets the number of 4k buffers in Windows for optimal disk buffering.
c) Sets the TCP buffer size to the specified amount.
d) Allows the default SMB TCP delay to be overridden.

10) What is the function of the mod_imap Module?
a) Handles IMAP e-mail protocols for Apache.
b) Performs image map handling.
c) Allows for shared inter-module memory protocols.
d) There is no mod_imap Module which is available for Apache.

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